Chasing Deer

Here's the story. I have been after light up reindeer decoration that you put in your yard for 3 days now. AC Moore had animated ones for 40.00 and I could have used a 50% coupon. Tuesday I was at the store and they had boxes of them, but I decided to pass. Thursday I saw them in the paper for Sears for 18.00 I think it was so I was set to go there and get one or two. But then I got a hold of the ACMoore ad and they put theirs on sale for 12.97!!!!! So ACM opens at 6am, no one is going to storm that store first thing in the morning so I don't rush too much to get out of Target to get over to ACM. It was a little after 7:00 when I got there and the damn deer were all gone. If the display ones. ~Sigh~

I figured I would try Michael's and see if they had the same ones and could match the price. After breakfast Cameron and I went out there (after stopping at Sam's club) and their deer were different and more money. I thought maybe I would buy a spiral light up tree instead, but I had second thoughts on that too.

Back to the house where I called and talked to my mom. I told her about the deer and the spiral trees and she told me that Walgreen's had deer and trees for 14.00 after rebate so off Cam and I went to Walgreens. I got 2 deer and a spiral tree and even found a BOGO deal on mittens for Cameron, which she really needed last week when it was so cold.

Back to he house for about 20 minutes when the phone rang. My dad was wanting a telescope from Walgreens that was 80.00 on sale for 10.00. None of the store's in their area had them in stock. I started calling Walgreen's and scored on the second call! Back in the car and to a different Walgreens where they had a bunch so my dad said to get 2. I noticed online it said limit 1 so I didn't know if I was going to get a slap on the hand for trying to buy 2. Nope. No problem. So WTG Walgreen's for having just what I was looking for and at great prices!

From there we went to the In law's where Travis was, chatted with family from out of town, had a nice dinner with them at Cracker Barrel and not it is almost 10pm and I think I am ready to finally crash. It's really been non stop for me for the past 17 hours. I am guessing once my head hits the pillow I will be out until the munchkin wakes me up. Her day didn't start as early as mine, but she had a busy day of shopping with me and playing with her cousins outside. I am hoping she will sleep at least until 8am. Fingers Crossed!

So that was my adventurous day. I plan to get the tree up and the house decorated before the weekend is over.


Solitaire said...

I can't believe you braved the crowds - you go girl! I just do not have the patience for it!