Friday Night Fun

Dawn came over last night and we got started on a letterboxing series we are going do with the Montgomery area parks. We did some brain storming and I think we came up with some good stuff. We carved a couple of the stamps and they look pretty good for first time stamp carvers. (How is the soccer ball going Dawn?) We're going to get together again real soon and try and finish them up so we can go hide the boxes. The group needs to plan a day were we can go find boxes that others have hidden.

On a similar note, hubby found a box right down the street from a geocaching site. We don't have a GPS, but he was able to locate it using one of those online satellite map things. It was pretty neat and I would like to start doing the geocaching as well.


Dawn said...

Soccer ball? LOL. I had to go buy some more carving blocks. I am going to work on it again today. Who would have thought carving a freaking soccer ball would be so hard - UGH! I need to work on my rose too.

Dawn said...

Okay, your post motivated me to get my butt in gear. The soccer ball is complete! I will email you a picture of it.