Cheap But Handy Crop Bag

I picked up this bag last week at AC Moore. They were on sale for $5.00. I have a big crop in style tote, but I wanted something a little smaller to take to crops for those times that I didn't need all the space of the CIS. This is perfect. It's a messenger style bag with the 3 pockets on the front, pencil loops on one side and a long pocket on the other side.

When you lift the flap up you have all these little pockets which might be hard to see in the picture.

A pocket on the inside as well. It opens up nice and wide and will hold 12x12 items.
They have in a bunch of different colors and I think they are usually 8-10.00 when not on sale. With a 40% coupon it's cheap. We will see how well it holds up.