Long Weekend = Confusion

I have been so mixed up the last 2 days. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Sunday and today I have had to remind myself 3 times already that it is Wednesday and not Monday.

Despite the brain confusion- the holiday weekend was pretty good. Friday hubby and I bowled in the morning while Cam was at school. We bowled between Grandpa from Rugrats (I swear he looked just like him) and a cheater that started getting on my nerves. He is worker there and a really good bowler. However, he isn't as good as he game print out would show since he kept editing his scores. If he picked up less than 9 pins he would delete the scores for that frame and bowl it again. After getting hung up on the 7th frame he ended up putting all strikes in for the last few frames and then starting a new game. Cheater! Then we picked up Cam early and had a not so nice lunch at Stevie B's. I will just say it will be a long time before we go back there.

Friday night I went to the Stampin Up party and got sucked into booking a party so I could get a catalog for free. I have already made a wish list from the new book. Bah!

Saturday hubby did outside work and I did inside work and then we took a trip to Target for a few things.

Sunday it was hot as a mofo and our air had gone out. Hubby got it fixed around 3:00 but it took all night for the house to cool down. Not pleasant at all.

Monday Dawn and I (and Cameron) did some bowling practice in the morning. I have done worse, but I wasn't super pleased with my scores either. Lets hope I got it out of system and bowl a little better tonight. Monday night Dawn, Elisabeth and I cropped (we missed you Michelle). I think we were all productive...... after we got a sugar kick from some yummy baked goods. I did 2 pages plus finished up 6 pages that I had already started.

Tuesday was a pretty sucky day aside from the fireworks and we'll just leave it at that.

Today is catch up day. So far I've dropped Cam off at school (almost an hour late due to my being sluggish this morning), went to the bank, got gas, paid bills, balanced checkbook, and made 2 Dr. appointments. That takes me up to some computer time and then I need to go get the wee little one. I really need to get a birthday gift in the mail today too so I will probably swing by the post office. I really need to get the laundry folded and the kitchen cleaned up and then tonight is BOWLING NIGHT BABY!

Right now I am starving so I am headed to the kitchen for some lunch. :o)