It's Going Too Fast

There are certain days that I notice just how big Cameron is getting. There has always been those days since she was born where she does something or just looking at her reminds me how she is growing up. Yesterday was one of those days for me and it was bitter sweet. I was watching her going up and down the back stairs at the other house yesterday and she just looked so big. It hasn't quite been 2 years yet since we moved from that house and she was way too little at that time to be able to handle those stairs. And now here she is running up and down them like a big girl. She was literally toddling through that house when we moved from there and now she zooms all over the place in and out of rooms.
Last night she took a shower all by herself. She just needed a little help getting the shampoo out of her hair. My little baby was taking a shower by herself. How can that be? Where did the time go? I am real excited about her growing up and all that goes with that, but at the same time I miss that baby stage and especially the toddler stage. I know it has to end, but it's kind of sad that there is no more baby around anymore.


Elisabeth said...

I can always drop Emily off for ya! LOL

Seriously though, I can understand where you're coming from. Emily amazes me everyday with the new things she learns that just last month she didn't know how to do.

Dawn said...

awwww, a shower all by herself. Now why did I just get an idea for scrappable pictures (of course with her head peaking out of the shower curtain or something) LOL

Elisabeth said...

That's hilarious Dawn!! LOL