Busy Morning

It's been a busy day so far. I had a Dr.'s appointment first thing this morning. When I got back Cameron and I had breakfast at IHOP. Then we went to paint the store to pick up some paint samples for my scrap room. Yes, hubby agreed with my plan to move into his room and make it my scrap room. I have been making detailed plans for it ever since I got the good word. After the paint store we went to get samples for counter tops. DH will be ordering a customized counter top for me and installing it so I needed some samples to decided what I want the counter top to look like. Then it was a quick trip into the craft store for supplies for an Easter project I am doing. On the way home Cameron wanted to go the library so we made a quick stop there for some books. Now Cam is resting and after I get done on the computer I am going to do a quick clean up. When Cameron gets up we are going to attempt to make our own dog treats. We picked up some ingredients at the grocery store yesterday and found a bone shaped cookie cutter. We are going to make pupcakes as well. It should be interesting.


Dawn said...

WHOO HOO! Your own play room. How exciting!

Elisabeth said...

Wow!! You gals are having so much fun!! And your own craft room!! How awesome!