The Delivery Truck Incident

Last Wednesday hubby had a storage shed delivered to the house. It's a good size shed so it had to be unloaded from the truck in the spot it was going to stay. We wanted it in the back corner of the backyard in a spot that is next to Cameron's 'playground' as she calls it. Hubby knew the toys were going to be in the way of the truck so before they arrived he moved all the toys out and the wood that framed the play area so the truck could drive straight over the wood chips and back the shed into the spot. Everything went good unloading the shed and the driver went to pull forward to go back out the gates and this is what happened:

The truck got stuck. So stuck that we had to call a tow truck to get him out. This picture was actually taken after the delivery driver decided to hook his cable around our big tree and try to pull himself out. I thought he was going to snap the damn tree. Originally only his back wheels were stuck. After dragging the truck backward with his cable, he not only got the front end stuck, but also created huge holes in the yard from where the front tires dragged.

So the tow truck came and backed through the gate, but not too far so he wouldn't get stuck too. The tow truck was parked vertically to the truck and he hooked his cable to the truck and had to drag the truck until it aligned vertically with the tow truck and then the delivery truck was able to roll back to the gate. The was the end result of Cameron's play area:

It's hard to tell from this picture, but I would say the tire marks left from the truck are a good foot deep. I guess if the truck had to get stuck anywhere, the play area was the best place. Hubby spent Saturday filling in the holes with sand and putting down more plastic and new wood chips. So it's back to new, but what an ordeal.


Dawn said...

OMG! How apologetic was the delivery driver? Did they offer to help fix it or anything?

Elisabeth said...

Oh wow!! How awful!! there any way the company can help fix it?

Jen said...

I agree... did the driver say anything about helping? (Probably not.) I would send a bill for the labor and extra woodchips/sand/whatever to the delivery service. Glad it's fixed now so Cameron can play, though!