Awesome Art

I have been meaning to post this for a while and kept forgetting. DH had sent me some links to some of the pictures and I did a search on the artist trying to come across some more work.

These are pieces or art work done on sidewalks using chalk I believe. The images are called anamorphic illusions and when viewed at the right angle appear to be 3D. The artist is Julian Beever.

The art work is of Batman and Robin scaling a fiery building. The man is real and the wall behind him is real. The 'ledge' he is standing on and everything 'below' it was drawn on the sidewalk. That's just amazing. And here is a coke bottle, also drawn flat on the pavement, but appears 3D when viewing it at a certain angle.

Here are 2 more sites that show his work. Link 1, Link 2


Elisabeth said...

Wow! Those are awesome!!