What An Awesome Day

Today has just been an over all great day. We started the morning off with DH dropping Cameron off at his parents house for about an hour and half while he went to work and I was at the Dr.'s (which was a great and uplifting visit). Doesn't sound like such a big deal to most, but Cameron has never spent more than 5 minutes with someone other than DH and I except for a few occasions with my parents. I think both hubby and I were a little nervous. Not that she wasn't going to be well cared for, but that she wouldn't want to stay with out one of us there with her. She did great though and enjoyed spending time with her Nonnie. So that was a relief.

We headed to Toys R Us so I get her the dress I was trying to get yesterday. We got it home, she has tried it on and it is adorable. I making a new recipe for dinner - Maple Country Apple Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette (I am adding grilled chicken to it). I have the fruit and sauce marinating in the fridge and I will just need to heat the chicken and add it all to some salad greens. I think it is going to be yummy.

I ended up ordering a dress from Lane Bryant that I mentioned a few entries ago. It came in the mail today and I was afraid to put it on.....worried it wouldn't fit. I had to do it though in case I had to find something else. I threw it on and it felt great (read: it actually fit). Now to the mirror. Again, a little worried about looking, but I did it and I am happy with how it fits and looks. That is a huge boulder off my back knowing that I have something to wear to the wedding. I just need to find some open toe shoes (something else I never wear), but that should be easy. Here is the dress I bought with the matching jacket (sleeveless clothes are a big no-no.... have to cover those flabby arms up.)

It has also been a beautiful day. The sun it out and it is in the 70's with a light breeze. Although I prefer the 45 degree weather we had last weekend, if it is going to be warm then this is a perfect kind of day. And to top off the day will be an evening of great TV with Survivor, CSI and ER. (ETA: I forgot about the olympics. No ER tonight. I will watch Nightline instead. They are continuing with a story about NICU's. They have mentioned the importance of memory boxes which is what I just started doing.) I love it when everything goes right.