Embarrassing Moment

I had to run into Publix just to pick up a quick something and I happened by the candy aisle. They were selling their Valentines candy buy one get one free. So I grabbed 2 bags of M&M's (for hubby and daughter - I promise) and headed over to the cosmetic section. I was holding the 2 bags in my arm sort of like you would carry books, leaving my hand free. I was using both hands to look at something and then I heard a smack followed by the sound beads make when you drop them all over a title floor. OMG! I looked down and there was the bag of M&M's on the floor and white, pink and red things bouncing and sliding all over the place. I immediately had a flash back to when I was about 7 and I was in Meijer grocery store. My brother and I had gone to look at toys while mom shopped (remember those days when you could let your kids do that with out worrying someone would snatch them) . I had a metal secrets container in my hand filled to the max with pennies. We were running by an open section near the pharmacy and CRASH! I dropped the box, it busted open and pennies were rolling all over the place. I was horrified as these old ladies waiting on their Rx's sat just staring at me while my brother and I picked up all these pennies. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Okay so back from the way back years- I quickly looked around expecting to see several people staring at me, but no one saw it. So I did what anyone in this situation would do..... I hurried Cameron around the corner and down the aisle so I could finish look at what was in my hand. And then we walked off and blended in with the rest of the shoppers. I had to go back and get another bag and I was expecting to hear, "Clean up on aisle 12".


Anonymous said...

OMG - hmmm I am sure the security camera's caught ya - LOL