Book Shelf

I really enjoy reading. It's a great relaxer for me, a pleasure, and it allows me to mentally step away from my own life and into someone else's world. Fiction or non fiction, it doesn't matter. For something so enjoyable, I didn't do nearly enough of it in 2005. So this year I am making it a point to read as much as time allows. I would like to read at least 1 book a month, two would be even better. It probably doesn't sound like much as I hear people talking about reading a book in one sitting. I could only manage time to do that if I chose it over sleeping. So 1-2 is good for me.
I am keeping track of the books for 2006. You can find reviews of the books I have read, see what I am currently reading and look at the list of books I plan to read in my Book Shelf blog. A link can also be found under LINKS on the right of this blog.


Anonymous said...

I used to be an avid reader until I found scrapbooking- I need to get back into since I have slowed down a little in scrapbooking - Reading is such a great stress reliever!


da' Mama said...

I've just started having time to read. Granted it ususally only when I am in the tub since that is the only time I have to myself these days :o)
Right now I am reading a series that starts with The Gold Compass, I think the authors name is Pullman. I'm not sure. It had been recommended to me by mulitple people and I finally took the hint. It's good so far!