Relaxing Before The Big Game

Today is game day!! Last night the coach gave the girls strict instructions!
  • Don't sleep in too late
  • Get a good breakfast
  • Don't sit around all day getting sluggish
  • Do something relaxing to get your mind focused
  • NO swimming

So, I decided Cameron and I would have a girls day at the mall (cringe - I HATE the mall). I took her to get her first mani/pedi. Relaxing, right? She thought she was hot stuff sitting in that chair. I didn't get a pic of her mani because I was getting one done at the same time. :) She got her nails done orange to match her uniform with a little nail art.

Then we had some lunch at the food court followed by a stop at Claire's for some earrings since she can change hers now. Last stop in the mall was to snatch a couple Frogg Toggs for her and I. I talk about those another time.