Home Sweet Home

Yesterday Cameron and I made the long drive back home, to Michigan. I will not be returning to Alabama, at least not anytime in the next several years other than to visit. The decision was made just a month ago so things moved very, very quickly. Cameron finished up school and the regular softball season and I had put in my notice at work with plans to leave June 26th. That was going to give me 34 days to get 14 years of my life and nearly 8 years of Cameron's life packed up and sent to Michigan. Not the easiest of tasks, especially since I was working all day up until the 23rd.

Then we found out Cameron was selected to play on the All Star softball team and the district tournament was to take place the weekend of June 26th. If they won the tournament they would move on to the world series in Texas that wouldn't take place until August. Well, we were not going to p ass up the opportunity for Cameron to play on All Stars, especially since we didn't know if Michigan softball would have the same type of opportunities. So we went on as planned and figured we would just be ready to leave whenever Cameron was done.

I would be living with my parents until I found a job and had money to get my own place, so that meant not a lot room for our belongings. So we basically sold 85% of our stuff. All the furniture went, a lot of Cameron's toys she didn't play with, a lot of kitchen and decor stuff as well. Travis took his stuff to his parents house, and mine and Cameron's stuff had to fit in a 6x7x9 tall storage pod which was picked up and delivered to my parents house (easiest way to move!) We had a yard sale and did GREAT!! Almost $1,000.00 in just one morning. We had just a small stash of stuff that went on the curb.

Between work, packing and Cameron's heavy practice schedule I had very little time to think about what was actually happening. I was going to be leaving a job that I enjoyed, friends that I was going to miss terribly, my home and my husband (for an undetermined amount of time). Cameron's All Star journey ended on June 26th. Our pod was picked up on the 28th and Cameron had her softball party that same night. We left at 5am on the 29th. It wasn't until about 11 pm on the 28th that it all hit me and I broke down. It truly was the first time all of it sunk in. The next morning I didn't know if I was going to be able to say goodbye to my life of the past 14 years. It was very hard.

We made it though. It was a pretty uneventful 14 hour car ride. It was the first time I did the drive without my husband with me. I didn't know how the cat was going to do in the car that long, but he did just fine. No we all have to work on adjusting to our new environment. I imagine for a while it will feel like we are on vacation visiting as we usually do in the summer. After a week or two it will probably start to feel more real that we are here to stay.

P.S. If you didn't know we had moved prior to this post, don't feel bad. There were very few people who knew this move was taking place.