Will It or Won't It?

Winter Storm Watch for Montgomery Alabama - Snow Arrives: Snow will likely begin in the far western/southwestern counties of Alabama during the pre-dawn hours of Friday morning. Then, throughout the morning and afternoon, bands of snow will sweep across central and south Alabama. Accumulating snow is likely, with widespread amounts of 2-4" for our area.

It is so hard to get excited about this due to so many false alarms in the past. Even Cameron doesn’t get as excited as she use to about the potential for snow. What I find so odd though is that they have put the probability of significant snow accumulations at 90%, and yet we have not heard a single peep from anywhere about the possibility of school closing. Last month we received word nearly 5 days ahead of time about the chance of school being closed due to a threat of winter weather. Hell, they had a press conference about it with the city transportation dept, school officials, sheriff’s office, ect.. warning people that roads might be bad, and schools may have to close. And at that time is was just a small possibility that our area would get anything. This time around, nothing.

So it will be interesting as the day goes on tomorrow if we will hear anything from the school about possible closings for Friday.