It's almost 5pm and although it is slowing down a bit, it has not stopped snowing since 7am. It's just gorgeous! The city was pretty much shut down today and we took full advantage of the day off. The snow is very wet and because we aren't equipped with proper snow attire, we were not able to stay out that long. Cam was only outside about 10 minutes at the time of this first pic and you can see how wet her hair already is. She is preparing the first snowball.

Look at that snow coming down!

It's not that impressive, but she did make a snowman.

We have had some snow here in the past, but never this much that I can recall and Kasper had never really been out in it. It took a little encouragement to get him to come out with us. He kept squinting his eyes against the snowflakes as he ran through the yard.

Cameron had thrown a snowball for Kasper to chase and when he bit it to pick it up like a ball he realized he couldn't, but that he could eat it. I made several balls of snow for him to eat. He was eating them so fast I kept waiting for him to fall over with a brain freeze.