Alabama National Fair

This is our 4th year taking Cameron to the Fair. She knows it comes in October and she looks forward to it every year. The kids are always off from school on the Monday that the fair is here for Fair Day. We don't go on this day though because we prefer to go at night. The fair just wouldn't be the same experience if you went during the day. There is something about all the lights on the rides that MAKE the fair, wouldn't you agree? So we went on Saturday night.

This year it was colder than it has been in the previous years, but my goodness it wasn't snowing out! People were dressed in big heavy coats with gloves and scarves and their arms wrapped around themselves as though the snow were about to come in. I of course was dressed in jeans and a short sleeve shirt and had my light fleece coat hung over my bag. I know I am very warm hot blooded and that the born and raised southerners are more tolerable of the high heat than they are the low temps, but seriously - It.Wasn't.That.Cold. I got tired of people looking at me like I was crazy for not having a coat on so I started looking back at them like they were crazy to be wearing 3 layers of clothing.

Anyhow, we had a lot of fun and Cameron enjoyed a lot of new rides. I think the swings were probably her favorite this year. Last year she loved the Frogger, but sadly they did not have that ride this year. We also convinced her to go through the kiddie fun house. She was hesitant at first because she wasn't able to see what all was in side and thought there might be something that would scare her. She was brave though and went through it on her own...... about 15 times.
And the fair wouldn't be complete with out a ride on the carousel. This was always one of my favorite rides as a child.

We played a lot of games, and won a lot of prizes. A favorite game to play is the balloon popping game where you squirt the water into the clown mouth to blow up the balloon. The fair has about 5 different versions of this game and we played them all.

*Pictures to come soon