Son Of A &!#@*!

A girl hit my car in the parking lot of Cam's school and was going to leave! Pissed

School was out and I was in the building. The magnet schools get out 30 minutes after the regular schools and a bus picks those kids up and brings them to Cam's school (for those that live on this side of town) for the parents to pick them up or the kids walk home that live in the neighborhood. So the parking lot was pretty much empty at this time. The janitor came in the building saying that someones green truck was just hit and she is making this big commotion. Well I drive an SUV and never refer to it as a truck so I wasn't paying much attention. I finally looked out the window and realized it was my car that she was talking about. I went out and the driver side tail light was completely smashed out, and nice long wide scuff mark on the side along with a 1 or 2 inch indention. Lovely! Walked down about 15 parking spots (only 3 or 4 that were occupied) and snapped a pick of the license plate of the car that hit me, called the police and then called hubby.

Apparently the 16 year old girl was coming to pick her sibling up from the Magnet school bus and she cut the turn too sharp into the parking spot next to me and her passenger side mirror hit my tail light and busted it and the side of her car scuffed mine. Then it appears she backed out at the same angle scrapping it up some more and the hanging mirror put the dent in it. She started driving away and the janitor saw it and chased her down and made her stop (hence why she was 15 spots down).

When I called hubby I was standing next to her car on the passenger side and she had her window down. I told him she was trying to drive off and she is hollering through the window that she was not trying to leave, she was getting out of the way of traffic. There was no traffic. It was a nearly empty parking lot with plenty of drive thru space and she was nearly all the way in the parking spot when she hit me. She should have stopped right there. I asked her why she didn't get out and at least apologize for hitting my car and she said nothing. She never even got out of the car.

The damage can be repaired easily and her insurance is going pay for it so it's not a big deal, but it would have been if she had gotten away because I would have been stuck with the deductible. And I should mention that I didn't know how old she was until after I filed with my insurance. I am sure she was in Daddy's car and was scared and didn't know what to do. But hopefully she learned that driving off from the scene of an accident is very much the wrong thing to do. Thumbs Down