There Are No Words - Major Vent

There has been some various family drama going on lately with my hubby's family. It would take forever for me to explain it all, much which relates to the following story. Most are not critical to the story so I am going to skip to point.

Hubby, Cam and I went to the hospital Friday night to visit FIL. An Aunt and Uncle and their 3 kids were here from NC and another one of hubbys Aunts (who is local) was up there as well. As we were all leaving I heard the local Aunt say something to FIL about coming by Saturday with a little anniversary cake. I just assumed she was talking about one of her kids anniversaries or maybe hers. I didn't think any more of it or say anything to hubby.

Today hubby got a call at about 1:30 from his cousin (son of the local Aunt) asking if we were going to be at the hospital at 3:30. Hubby asked what was going on at 3:30 and cousin said they were going to celebrate the inlaws 44th wedding anniversary and his mom had a cake. I didn't really want to go for a couple of reason (family drama related), but we decided to go anyway.

Got there at 3:30 and FIL was asleep and no one else was there. We went down to the cafeteria so we wouldn't wake FIL and hubby called the Aunt that is here from NC. She said they were on their way. We went back up to the room about 4:00 and FIL was awake. Finally at 4:45 everyone else walks in. So obviously the time was not 3:30. There are now 10 people in this small hospital room and the only place to put a cake big enough to feed 40 people is on the bed side tray.

Before the cake is even cut a nurse comes in with FIL's dinner and she has to set it on a small table because they have the cake on FIL's tray. Now let me take this opportunity to mention a very key point in this story. FIL has been fed with a tube through his nose for the past 3+ months. It has just been in the past week that he has been able to eat solid food. Hubby asked FIL if he wanted his dinner, he said yes. I heard MIL ask FIL if he wanted dinner before cake, he said yes. I heard NC Aunt ask if FIL wanted cake first and he said dinner first. Now maybe it is just me, but I thought that the next thing that should have happened was for the cake to be moved off the tray and put somewhere else and FIL given back his tray so he can start eating. That makes sense, right? Let the poor man who hasn't eaten real food in over 3 months get his dinner and then worry about everyone getting cake. Well I guess Hubby and I were the only ones in the room who thought this way because they started cutting up the cake and dishing it out to everyone while FIL sat in his bed patiently waiting for his dinner.

I said there were no words, but there is one.. R-U-D-E! My husband was so mad. He said 3 times that 'papaw wants his dinner' and I watch 3 people just look at him and not say a word. I was disgusted by the whole thing. We made sure FIL got his food and let Cameron eat some cake (hubby and I did not have any) and then we left rather quickly after telling FIL bye. On the way out another cousin and her family were coming in and asked if we were leaving already. It was 5:15 at this time and I just said we had been here since 3:30 as we walked by her. I couldn't get out of there fast enough so I could start venting. I told hubby it was a bad idea. We had not been told about the get together in the first place even though there were 4 adults there the night before who could have mentioned it to us. When we found out about it we were given the wrong time. Bah!! I am getting myself worked up about it again.

We went back to the hospital when we knew everyone would be gone and hubby explained to FIL why we left out like we did. MIL of course tried to take all the responsibility for what happened because she doesn't want to create hard feelings between the family (WAAAAY too late for that).

Sadly I can not say that I am shocked by any of this. I have been around this family almost 13 years, long enough to know how they operate.