Reading Bliss

I just spent the last hour and forty five minutes on the couch finishing up the book Firefly Lane. I can not remember the last time I was able to put more than 45 minutes towards reading a book. Sure my house is a disaster, all the laundry for the upcoming week needs to be done and I haven't even thought about what to fix for dinner, but today I am going to let that all be okay. I have been really stressed out and feeling worn down for the last couple of weeks and I think I deserved every minute I spent being completely engrossed in my book.

Unfortunately it is back to reality and I must go fix my child dinner, then get the laundry started. I will race the washing machine to see if I can get the kitchen cleaned before it stops. Then I will challenge the kiddo to see if she can get her shower done in the time it take me to unload the washer and get the next load in. She's a water bug so I am doubtful she is going to win that one.