Proud Moma Of A Guppy

When I picked Cameron up from summer camp today she was so excited to tell me something that she could hardly get the words out fast enough. She was now a guppy which meant she could play on the big water slides.

She takes an hour of swimming lessons everyday at camp and then gets to play for an hour in the water park. She started out as a polliwog and that meant she had to wear a red wrist band in the water park and could only go on the little water slides that come out in shallow water. Now that she has moved up to a Guppy she gets to wear a green band and use the big slides that come out in the deep end. She has been wanting to go on the big slides since the first day and knew what she had to accomplish in swim class to be able to do that. I am very excited for her! I am sure that is all I am going to hear about this weekend, is her not being able to wait for Monday so she can get back on the big slides.