Michael Jackson - So Many Questions

Michael Jackson's death has prompted many questions from the 6 year old in the past few days. We have had the TV on which has meant seeing and hearing some sort of info about the King of Pop. And of course that means seeing him in the younger years as a 'brown' man and more recent years as a 'white' man. Not to mention seeing dramatic changes in facial features. Most of what Cameron first saw were clips of MJ in the most recent years. Then one morning she saw a clip from 1993 (I think) when he did a TV broadcast denying sex abuse allegations. That started the first questions-

Cameron: Who is that?
Me: Michael Jackson
Cameron: Why does he look like that?
Me: Like what?
Cameron: (thinking) I don't think that is suppose to be Michael Jackson
Me: Why do you say that?
Cameron: That doesn't look like him

We left the conversation at that.

Then she saw the Billy Jean video come on the other day and heard the reporter talking about MJ and was even more confused than she was a few days prior. That conversation went like this:

Cam: Who is that!?
Me: That's Michael Jackson
Cam: That man right there dancing?
Me: Yes
Cam: (staring at tv, confused look on her face)
Cam: Michael Jackson is white

Again, we left the conversation at that.

And then a question arouse about the children. The Today Show was reporting about what might happen to the Jackson children, who would they live with. It took me a second to understand why Cameron asked:

Cameron: Who else in the Jackson family died?
Me: No one, just Michael
Cameron: The mom didn't die too?
Me: No, she is still alive (I thought she was talking about MJ's mom)
Cameron: Why don't the kids want to live with their mom?

I realized she was talking about the mother of MJ's kids. Again I was at a loss as to how to explain this situation. I finally told her that MJ had a lot of craziness in his life and it was just too much for her to worry about. LOL