FIL Update

It's been 12 weeks now since FIL had surgery. Sadly, he is still in SICU and still on the ventilator receiving breaths through a trach. There has been ups and downs through out the whole 12 weeks, problems with nurses, useless meetings with one of the rudest doctors I have ever encountered, and conflicts with and among family members.

I am sure it has been a very frustrating 3 months for everyone, but I can only speak for myself and say that I have been particularly frustrated with the situation. My husband and I have expressed a lot of concerns that we have about what has been happening with FIL's care and recovery, but our view doesn't mesh well with some of other's. I think the difference of opinions has MIL struggling with what to think sometimes. Depending on who she is sitting with and talking to about the situation really seems to influence how she feels about certain things. I know this causes a lot of mixed emotions for her, so I try and keep quiet and just listen to what she has to say and tell her my thoughts when she asks for them.

They has been talk about moving him to a long term care facility that will help to wean him off the ventilator which is the main concern at this point. He has to be stable and there are some insurance issues to deal with before he can be moved, but we hope it will happen very soon.

So continued thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.