Recent Life Highlights

Hubby's Aunt had a birthday party at the Montgomery Biscuits baseball game Tuesday morning. They have a suite and all the great nieces and nephews were invited. We had a wonderful time!! The suite was catered with chicken fingers, mac and cheese, fruit, baked beans and of course biscuits, along with fresh baked cookies and brownies. Cam said she wanted to catch a ball and not 2 seconds later I was hit in the thigh by a foul ball. LOL! It stung for a second, but the whole thing was quite comical. You had to be there.

If it isn't odd enough that we have a baseball team called the Biscuits, their mascot is an ant eater named Big Moe. I'm as confused as you are. Anyhow, this is Big Moe on the field doing the YMCA. He came up to the suite to see the kids, but I didn't get any pictures then because my daughter had her faced buried in my gut and I couldn't move. She likes Big Moe, but only from a distance. Her Uncle Ben got Big Moe to sign the ball that hit me and she was happy about that.

We realized Big Moe also wears the number 4, just like our little softball player. She thought that was pretty cool.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Pre Kindergarten conference in Montgomery for work related business. I was able to attend a special luncheon to hear Dr. T. Berry Brazelton speak about Touchpoints. It was very interesting and also exciting to be able to hear him speak in person. I use to watch TV programs all the time with him on it and was always amazed at what he could tell you about babies.

Today I was able to attend a field trip to the planetarium with my daughters class. I can not believe we use to live less than a mile from the planetarium and we never went. Hubby had gone as a child and had been saying for the past few years that he wanted to go back and take Cam, and we never went. It was a lot of fun, and it is also located inside a large park, so after the show the kids were able to play and eat lunch at the park. It was a beautiful day for that.

I am so glad the weekend is in sight and that it will be a 3 day weekend for me. It's Confederate Memorial Day on Monday....... It's the South ya know.