Christmas Crazy!

Tis the season to do something crazy!! Last night Michelle, Elisabeth, Dawn and I had a girls night out at a place called Corks and Canvas. You pick an evening when they are doing a painting you like, grab your friends and a bottle of wine, drop your $30.00 at the door and get ready to "Sling paint and have fun" (direct quote from the crazy paint guy that 'taught' the class). It was crazy and fun last night! The guy who taught it was a character and went way too fast. I was still on the first color (red) when he was on the 3rd so I just gave up on trying to follow him and worked at my own pace. This led to 3 of us still painting 3 hours after the class started and I left with mine unfinished! There was loud music and a party of hairdressers drinking it up. It was fast and loud, not at all what I expected. Despite my crappy painting I had a BLAST!!

I didn't have any of the black outlining done last night because I wasn't comfortable with the brush we had or the standing up angle we were painting from. So I brought home with the intentions of finishing it off with the outline. As I was finishing it up I felt it need a little more, so I dug into my paper crafting stash (have to use that stuff sometime, right) and added some stickles (basically glitter glue for those not in the know) to the bells, red circles and the foo foo fur. I didn't like the white cuff on the middle stocking because I had made it too thin and was not going to be able to go over the red paint with white to make it wider. So I grabbed my snow paste stuff and added some thicker fur.

It's no Van Gough, but it's mine and I had a great time doing it. That's all that matters, right? Right.


Dawn said...

I am so freakin' jealous. It turned out great! I do not have the nerve to post the pic of mine and have yet to look at it since coming home:(

It was fun, thanks for putting it all together for us:)