Camping On Lake Erie

Cameron and I spent a week in Michigan over the 4th and had a great time! The week was jam packed with activities as usual. The weather was awesome!! I miss the comfortable summers where you can sitting outside in the sun and not collapse from heat stroke. We spent most of the week camping on Lake Erie which Cameron really enjoys. For the past 3 years now it has been the highlight of her summer trips to Michigan.

Cameron and Poppa roasting marshmallows

Doing sparklers for the first time. She thought this was really cool.

The campground shot fire works off over the lake as we sat at our campfire and watched. I thought this picture came out cool. No adjustments were made.

My brother brought a game called The Washer game. It is somewhat like horse shoes, only you are trying to toss a round "washer" into a cylinder that sits inside a box. Cameron played this game for hours! (That's lake Erie in the background)

Swimming with Uncle John and her cousins in the lake.