Camerons Busy Days

I have really been neglecting this blog, haven't I? I haven't had a lot of motivation, energy, inspiration.....whatever lately and now that the nasty heat is moving in I will probably have even less. It's a total suck fest and I am just trying to make it through the next few weeks and then Cameron and I will be in Michigan for the week. We are both really looking forward to that!

Anyhow, there has been things going on despite my misery. Cameron finished up the school year a few weeks ago. I made some treats for her class that you can see on my Craft Blog
She ended the school year will all excellent marks on her report card, reading at a first grade level and blowing her 3rd DIBELS assessment test out of the water. She scored 8-21 points higher than the class average on all 3 areas. Not bad for the youngest kid in the class. And yes this is a total Mommy brag. I endured a lot of crap from the school counselor during the first month of school and it was stressful for both Cameron and myself. She just needed some time and she thrived socially and academically. I am so glad I didn't listen to that wackadoo counselor and went with my Mommy instincts. I am very proud of her!

The 6 kindergarten classes had a beach day the last week of school. There were about 80 kindy kids running around the court yard with beach balls and water noodles. They had water sprayers, 3 or 4 sprinklers, slip n slides, endless Popsicles and lots of munchies. It was total chaos and a lot of fun to watch!!

The same week school ended, Cameron also finished a session of gymnastics. The gym had a mini meet where the girls did a beam and floor routine. They all got a medal at the end which was very exciting. We were signed up for the summer session that started this month, but she also started another session of T-Ball with the YMCA and her weekly games conflicted with the gym schedule. T-ball will be over at the end of the month and then she will be back in gymnastics in July when we get back from Michigan. I don't have any T-ball pics yet, but will get some next week. She is a Tampa Bay Devil Ray this season and has a great coach. She is having fun, but I can see it is time for her to be with a league that is a little more competitive - where she can start learning more and practicing more and not be in such a wide age group range. We plan to sign her up for the Dixie Youth league in the fall.

Now it is summer vacation and she is spending the mornings back at Montessori School. I am so glad she was excited about going back there and she is having a lot of fun. I was struggling with having to put her some where while I worked a few hours a day, but she happy to be there and having kids to play with so I feel better about it. We have been spending the afternoons at the pool and getting a good tan. It's about the only pleasant thing you can do in this heat.

That's pretty much the run down of the past several weeks. As you can probably see, if I didn't have Cameron to keep up with I would have nothing. Pretty sad isn't it?

Oh, one more thing (which involves my child yet again).. We went to Robin Robin last week for dinner and there was man a couple tables over that was eating with his wife and son. While waiting for our food I look over and he is making a balloon animal for a little boy who was leaving the restaurant. A few minutes later he asked me if he can make something for Cameron. I sent her over to the table and the man was making a poodle. He asked her if she knew any magic words and she said no. The son (looked about 7), whispered a word in her ear and when she said it some air popped into the tail of the poodle. (You probably had to be there). Anyhow, she came back over to the table with her poodle and a few minutes later the son showed up at the table and he had a bouquet of balloon flowers he wanted to give to her. It was so sweet. Cam asked me why he gave them to her and I said, "I think he likes you." She got beet red. Here she is with her flowers.


Dawn said...

Cam is growing up so fast! That is so cute about the little boy and the balloon flowers;-)