Vague Vent

Something came up at work today that really caught me by surprise and was a little..... well maybe more than a little......... upsetting. Frown

Now I am in a situation where I either need to just accept "it" or go speak to my supervisor about "it". I am afraid if I don't speak to my supervisor then my dissappointment is going to turn into resentment and I will start hating my job. I certainly don't want that to happen because I really enjoy my job. However, the thought of talking to her about the situation makes me really uncomfortable and could potentially back fire on me.

So it's just a really sucky situation. It's something that is going to totally occupy my mind all weekend and drive me crazy. Crazy And even though I know talking to my supervisor is the best thing to do, I will probably talk myself out of it before Monday. Mouth At Side


Dawn said...

hopefully you can "access" the situation a little better this weekend after thinking about it more and get your thoughts together before Monday.

Believe me, no matter what it is - it's always a tough situation to talk to your boss when there is a problem but speaking from experience most of the time it will lead to resentment if you don't say anything- only you can decide what is best for you and how to deal with it or if it is something you can let pass?

email me or call if you need to vent :-)


Elisabeth said...

I agree with Dawn. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go talk to the boss. Especially if it's work related.