Happy Valentines Day


I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. We have had the sick bug at our house this week. Sicky We were all home Tuesday and Wednesday laying in bed with headache, sore muscles, no appetite, stuffy heads and icky coughs. Now we just have cold symptoms and poor Cameron had a little asthma attack earlier tonight. Hopefully we can get through tomorrow and have the weekend to get some more good rest.

Cameron had an ice cream sundae party at school to celebrate the day and came home with shoe box full of treats and little knick knacks. Her daddy bought her a box of chocolates and a cuddly gorilla.

I have to wait until April 3rd to enjoy my gift, but hubby told me what it is. He bought us tickets to see comedian Jeff Dunham in B'ham. He is a ventriloquist and his act and puppets are just halrious. You might have seen some of his shows on Comedy Central. Here is a Youtube clip of him and my favorite puppet Peanut. I can't wait to go see the show! Second row center!!! It's going to be great!

Happy Valentines Day


Dawn said...

Oh Mel, I hope you all feel better soon!

I totally love Jeff Dunham or is that DUN-HAM......and jalapeno (sp?) on a stick is awesome. Oh I could go on about his routine. Ya'll will have a wonderful time! How exciting.