The BIG Day Is Here!!

Okay, so maybe tomorrow is THE big day, but this one is big also. My parents have just landed in B'ham and are on their way to Montgomery!!!! Of course it is exciting for me when ever I get to see my family, but this visit is especially exciting since my daughter has no idea they are coming! We have been able to keep this a secret for a couple months now and it is just about to kill me. Cameron has been making a lot of comments over the past couple week about how she wishes she can see Grandma and Popa. We are having Christmas dinner at the house and the inlaws are coming, which Cameron is aware of. She has said a couple of times how she wished Grandma & Popa could come too. Does she have the surprise of her life coming or what?!?!?

Okay, I had to break for a minute. As I was writing this Cameron brought in a picture of her with my parents from her room and was talking about how much she misses them and wants to see them and she was all teary eyed. She is asking to set up the web cam so she can see them on the computer. She has been talking to them a lot on the phone lately, sometimes twice a day. She has already talked to them this morning when they called from the airport. It makes me sad to see her sad, but also happy that she is going to see them in just a couple hours.

To continue with my post, Cameron and I have been killing time today reading Christmas books and tracking Santa. She knows we are going to lunch today when Daddy gets back from a funeral (yes, on Christmas Eve, weird isn't it?) My parents will call when they get close and we will head to Buffalo Wild Wings (Cameron's choice). We are just going to sit down and let my parents come in and see how long it takes for Cameron to notice them. I can not wait to see her reaction. She keeps coming in and out with her picture and talking about wanting to see them. She seems so sad right now. I think she is going to flip out when she sees them. It's going to be GREAT!!! There plane was delayed an hour so it pushes the plans back an hour. I am so anxious for them to get her and make my little girls year!


Dawn said...

that is great your parents came for Xmas. Let us know what Cam did when she saw her grandparents.

I hope you all had a wonderful time.

Can't wait to hear about it :-)