Jack O' Lantern Cameron is off on her first kindergarten field trip this morning. She is on her way to the Pumpkin Patch. It's very cloudy and wet, but the rain has stopped. I think it is going to be very muddy there though. She was real excited this morning, more so about getting to ride the school bus there. It's about a 40 minute drive so she will have lots of time on the bus. School Bus
She normally takes a lunch box to school, but because they will be eating at the PP they wanted the kids to bring paper bags so everything can be thrown away. Well you know me, plain is boring and what can be more plain than a brown paper sack. So I prettied it up with some happy pumpkins. I have had a big chunky foam pumpkin stamp for a couple years that I bought for .10 cents. I decided to finally use it with some MM acrylic paint and stamped pumpkins on the front and back of the bag.