Vertical Page Holder

Over the weekend I came across a scrappers blog that was showcasing this really cool scrapbook page hanger. After clicking through a few links I found the source of these nifty little contraptions. Unfortunately I was not as impressed with the $16.00 price tag on them not to mention the arm and leg those online stores usually charge for shipping.

So being that hubby is a builder by profession, I showed him a picture and asked him if he though I could build one myself. 5 seconds later we were in the car on our way to Home Depot for some wood, screws and a fancy drill bit.

Hubby made the first one and I was so thrilled with it that he showed me how to cut all the wood and drill all the pieces myself so that I could make as many as I wanted. I was using the hacksaw and power tools and everything, it was great!

So here is what we made. Doesn't look all that exciting yet, right?

This is what the final product looks like

It holds a 6x6 page protector using 2 1 inch binder rings. The 1 inch is all I had, but I think 1 1/2 inch would work better. It will hold several page protectors so it can be used as an album that people can flip through. Or for a calendar like I am using this one for. Or you could just display one layout at a time. I decorated mine by painting the edges of the wood and then adhering paper to the top of the base and sides of the posts using modge podge. I also attached paper to the dowel using modge podge as well.

Since I know how to make these on my own, I will be making them to sell to anyone who would like one to decorate them self. They will be $10.00 each and come in plain wood format (like the first picture shown above). It will include the 4 screws for the posts and (2) 1 1/2" binder rings, page protectors are not included. Shipping will be extra.

All the pieces do come apart making it easy to decorate however you want. You just need a screwdriver.

Also, they come with plain rectangle bases like you see in the first picture. The one I decorated has a decorative edge. If you wish to have the decorative edge it will be $1.00 more. Here is a close up of the decorative edge.

These will make awesome gifts!!


Elisabeth said...

Woah! How nifty is that??!! Awesome! And a girl with power tools is supposed to be hot! LOL