Do You See It?

I got to change my blinkie today! I was praying for a 1/2 pound loss and I lost 1.5 for a total weight loss of 41 pounds!
It's About Time

I looked back to see when I had put the 35 pound blinkie up and that was 8 weeks ago. I skipped a few weigh ins during the past 8 weeks and I gained and loss, gained and loss. I am pleased with having lost 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks, but I am ashamed that it took me 6 weeks to get my act back together to have lost those 5 pounds. Frown I probably could have been been putting up a 50 pound blinkie today if I hadn't used food for comfort during some hard times. Pizza Chocolate French Fries The past 2 weeks of weight loss have renewed my confidence so I just have to keep looking forward and staying on track. I never want to struggle for 8 weeks just to lose 5 pounds ever again. No


Corie said...

Great Job on the weight loss. YIPPEE!!!

Elisabeth said...

Great job girlfriend!!!

Shannon McGann said...

Hi Melissia, Thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations on your weight loss! That's great! I've struggled myself for many years, and I've tried WW a few times - I wish I had your perseverance. I've had two babies in the past three years, so that didn't help! Keep up the great work!