It's Just Too Hot!

Sweaty I haven't posted much lately because there really hasn't been anything to post about. It's been pretty hot here and as some of you know, I shut down in the heat. I absolutely hate it and do my best to stay inside. Yesterday was really bad reaching 100 degrees. The 3 of us spent the morning at the pool until it got too hot to even be out in the water. At 9 pm last night my outdoor thermometer was reading 95 so we decided to head back to the pool for a little late night dip.
In The Pool

It's not as hot today and there are storms moving in. We have been under a storm warning, but so far we just got a few sprinkles (of course while I am at the Chinese place picking up lunch). It's starting to cloud up more so everyone start doing the rain dance. We NEED it so bad!
Tribal Dance

Hubby actually suggested Chinese for lunch Take Out (very unusual for him) and boy oh boy was it good! I have had honey BBQ country ribs cooking in the crock pot all day which smell delicious, but I am so full from lunch. We'll just keep them simmering in the crock pot and do dinner a little later than usual.

Oooh I hear the thunder! Keep dancing!
Tribal Dance