Cuttlebug Shmuttlebug

It seems that dry embossed backgrounds on cards has become quite popular since the Cuttlebug hit the shelves. The cards I have seen using the cuttlebug embossing folders are really neat. My cards don't usually have a lot on them so they tend to come out looking a little dry. The embossing gives it a little something extra. The problem is I do not want to purchase a cuttlebug machine at $99.00. Actually I don't want to purchase the cuttlebug for any amount of money, but I don't mind paying $4.99 for a cuttlebug embossing folder. So, how can you use the cute cuttlebug embossing folders without having to buy the machine (or any other cuttlebug compatible machine). Easy! Go in your kitchen and pull out your wooden rolling pin. All you need is that and a little spritz bottle of water and you are good to go.

Buggie Cut your cardstock to the size you want.
Buggie Spritz a little bit of water on each side of the cardstock.
Buggie Place it in the embossing folder and put a little piece of tape at the bottom to keep it shut.
Buggie Put the embossing folder on a surface that has a little give. I put a piece of cardboard down on the carpet and lay the folder on the cardboard. It seems to work better for me than doing it on a table.
Buggie Roll the rolling pin over the folder a few times with some good steady pressure. I roll it a couple of times in one direction, then turn the folder and roll a few times in the other direction.
Remove the cardstock and give it a few minutes to dry from the water spritz.

Here is a birthday card I did for my brother using a happy birthday embossing folder.

Cool eh? Now here is the best part! If you have an AC Moore near you they have cuttlebug stuff 40% off this week! The folders only cost me $3.00 each! Dollar Smiley


Elisabeth said...

What an awesome idea!! TFS!

Dawn said...

very nice, thanks for the great tip!