Crying 1 Have you ever felt so over whelmed by things in your life that you feel your body wanting to shut down? Today I am fighting an unbelievably strong urge to crawl into bed and sleep for a straight month just to give myself a break from life. Not to mention it would keep me from resorting back to my horrible habit of turning to food for comfort.

I need to do some major spring cleaning which I expect to result in a huge purge of crap that is just taking over the house. The neighborhood is having a yard sale on Saturday, but I have a demo meeting all morning so I can not participate in that. I will need to have one on my own and the sooner the better. If I can get myself through this week then maybe I can pull myself together and spend all next week cleaning and getting ready for a yard sale on May 5th.

This week I need to do a review of finances and try and get a better handle on that. There is too much money going out in too many different directions so I need to get that better organized. I didn't touch the house over the weekend so the house will need a general cleaning which I am going to try and force myself into doing today. This is a never ending job around here and happens to be one of the biggest drains on me. I use to love this house, but lately it has become nothing but a burden to me. I have lost my sense of comfort in the home.

Well enough feeling sorry for myself. I need to get up and do something I suppose.


Dawn said...

I have been meaning to respond to this and I am sorry I am late! I hope you are feeling better!

Kind of had my own misery too :-)