Busy Week (Big Post)

Bunny I hope everyone had a great Easter! It was a busy busy week for Cameron and I. We picked my mom up at the airport in B'ham on Saturday morning. We had lunch and then did some shopping, visiting the stores they don't have up north.
Sunday started with Cameron spotting her Easter basket hanging on the back door knob (because the Easter Bunny just slips his arm in the door and leaves the basket in case you didn't know Purple ) . The Easter Bunny brought some yummy candy treats and a new game for her Leapster. We did some more shopping later that day and had dinner at Apple Bee's.

We had plans to go to the beach on Monday and Tuesday, but because of the cold weather snap we got, we decided to wait and go Wednesday and Thursday. We drove to Daphne AL on Wednesday and decided to go to the scrapbook store in Foley while we were waiting for 2:00 to roll around so we could check into our room. I had never been to this scrapbook store before and I was pretty impressed with how big it was. The prices were a bit high, but being that they are the only store in the area it was understandable. I picked up some cute paper and a few stickers. We left there and went to Lambert's restaurant (thank you Dawn for mentioning this place). I knew the restaurant was some where in the area and we were going to look it up in the phone book. We didn't need to though because we stumbled upon it by total accident as we were looking for the road that the scrapbook store was on. The scrap store is actually located back behind Lambert's. So we went there for lunch and Oh- My -God was the food goooood! I don't know if it was just that I hadn't had a cheeseburger in so long or what, but the burger was sooo yummy! And the rolls were amazing. They are bigger than your fist and so soft YUM YUM YUM. Oh, and they throw them at you. Yes, they literally throw them to you across the restaurant, over their shoulder while they walk past your table. Lambert's is the home of the "throwed rolls". Great place to eat!
TannyThursday we went to Gulf Shores and it was a perfect day for the beach! It was warm, sunny - not a cloud in sight and a nice breeze. We got there around 10am and there was hardly anyone there. Cameron went right for the water being the little water bug that she is. The water washed over my foot and that was it for me. That water was cooold! It didn't seem to bother Cameron though. She had a great time playing in the water, collecting sea shells and playing with her sand toys. She has also learned to do head stands and loved doing them in the soft sand.

Friday night I had a successful stampin up party hosted by Cameron's teachers. It was a fun bunch of ladies. My mom was also able to attend and see what it is I do for some extra pocket money.

We took my mom back to the airport early Saturday morning and had to hurry back for a birthday party. Cameron's best friend Kyra had a really fun party at a place called playtime. If you have heard of Pump It Up, it is basically the same thing - big blow up jumpy things for the kids to go crazy on. The had guys stationed around the play area to make sure everyone was being safe and to help out the kids that kept getting into area's that frightened them (coughCAMERONcough). They were really nice and great with the kids. I would recommend them as a party place!

The party ended just as the storms were rolling in so we went home and both just rested for a while. And that concludes our busy, fun week!


Dawn said...

Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful time and Lambert's YUMMMMMMMY!