Snow Fun

Cameron had a great time in the snow while we were in Michigan! On Sunday my brother and I took the 3 kids sledding. The hill was huge and I wasn't sure Cameron was going to like going down it. My brother went to the top of the hill with the kids and I waited at the bottom. This is Cameron in the front and her cousin sitting behind her. They were flying down the hill. When they stopped she had this huge smile on her face and asked to go again. She loved it!

On Monday her and my Dad went out to play in the snow. Here they are having a snowball fight.The snow wasn't real wet

The snow wasn't real wet that day so it didn't roll very good into balls. They still did their best to build a snowman though.

He was a short and a bit spherically challenged, but he was a snowman none the less.

The yard was also full of snow angels, but she wouldn't lay in
the snow until my dad did it first.
Then she was rolling in it constantly.

She also saw icicles for the first time and was able to watch how the icicles form. My dad brought a big one in for her and she ate it like a popsicle.
She experienced a lot of what winter is like for a kid from the mid west. The only thing she didn't get to see was the snow actually falling. She saw a few small snowflakes, but not anything real heavy.


Anonymous said...

Looked like she had a grand ole time! =)

Dawn said...

OMG - what great pictures! But just looking at them makes me go brrrrrrrr!

Glad she had a wonderful time and the sickness didn't hit her until the end.