Keeping It Clean

I have three more projects to share that I did today, but I will have to wait until after my workshop tomorrow night to post them. :o)

As you can see the crafty bug bit me this week which means I have been working in my scrap room. I am happy to say that it is still pretty clean. In the past I have been so bad about doing projects and not putting supplies away as I move to the next project and before I know it I have a 3"x3" square of table space to work on and supplies piled to the ceiling. So I am trying to do better about cleaning up after each project I finish before starting the next one. It makes it a lot easier to come in and start working instead of having to spend 15 minutes cleaning up the tables first. By the time I am done with that I no longer want to work on anything. Or even worse, I don't even want to go in the room because I know the mess that is usually waiting for me. Can anyone relate? This weekend I am determined to get some layouts done!!

One thing that has helped a little is this cart I bought months ago and just now got around to using. I had my stamping supplies on a shelves that were not within reach of my work area so I was always getting up to get this ink pad or a dauber etc. Now it's all right here in this rolling cart and I just pull it over by me when I start stamping. And there is plenty of room to add more stuff. :o)