What A Trip

I have visited Michigan many many times in the past 10 years and this has by far been the most eventful trip yet. It started last Saturday morning with our flight to Detroit being cancelled and rescheduled just an hour later. We make the drive to Birmingham so we can take a direct flight to Detroit. Because of the rescheduled flight we had to fly into Memphis first. So we drove the hour and 45 minutes to to B'ham, 40 minute flight to Memphis, 40 minute layover, hour and 29 minute flight to Detroit making this pretty much an all day event.

The trip ended Saturday (yesterday) and 20 hours after landing I still have yet to receive my luggage. According to the airline it is currently in Idaho. WTF?? Cameron and I checked our luggage at the same time. How my suitcase gets lost on a direct flight to B'ham and hers makes it, I have no idea. Of course everything is in my suitcase including my camera and medication for Cameron that she has now missed 2 doses of. The suitcase should arrive in B'ham around 3:00 and then it will be delivered to the house.

In between these 2 events was a trip by ambulance from urgent care to the pediatric ER and a long, uncomfortable and painful night for a very sick little girl.

There were some great moments as well and I think Cameron would agree that the bad was worth the fun she had playing in the snow and being able to spend so much time with grandma, poppa, Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

I will update in full with pictures once I get my suitcase back tonight. Dawn has a workshop in a couple of hours and I am just waiting for the clothes I was wearing last night to dry (because it is all that I have) so I can be on my way to her house.


Dawn said...

We are glad you are back!

Lots of Hugs to Cameron.

I will be headed to the Dr myself this afternoon. My chest is vibrating when I talk - sounds kinky doesn't it? LOL And my head is still floating!