The Lengths A Grandparent Will Go

So, I'm not sure who is more excited about the upcoming visit to Michigan, my parents or Cameron. Here's my dad earlier today in his backyard. No, he did not fall down in the snow like Cameron thought he did when she saw the picture. No, no... believe it or not he has a purpose for laying on his back in the snow with no hat on his balding head.

He is actually making a snow angel to show Cameron. Once she saw this picture she knew exactly what he was doing. I can see he is in the back yard. He should have done it in the front yard so all the people in the cars going by the house could get a chuckle. LOL

The only time Cameron has seen snow was when she was 4 months old and we went to Michigan right after Christmas. To hear her talk you would think she experiences snow every winter. She knows exactly what she needs to be able to play in the snow - boots, snow suit, gloves, hat and scarf. She knows what sledding is all about and that she needs a sled of her own to be able to go down the snow hills. She knows how to roll snowballs and that you have to roll 3 different size snow balls to build a snowman. She even knows what you have to do to make a snow angel. She has been so excited this week as we have been counting down the days until we leave for Michigan. I just have this small little twitch of a feeling that once she actually gets out in the snow, she isn't going to like it. Her reaction to certain things is just weird like that. She knows what snow looks like and that it is going to be cold. I don't think she knows that it is going to feel wet and that it isn't going to be easy to move around in the snow like it would be in a pool of water. I predict her to get very frustrated trying to walk in the snow in boots and in a suit snow to boot (neither of which she has ever worn). My niece and nephew are off from school for mid winter break next week and they will all get together to play so hopefully that will help keep her mind on having fun and not getting frustrated. And God forbid she happens to get a smack of snow in her face. It will be melt down city, I am sure. It will be an interesting experience to say the least. And an experience I am glad she is going to get as a child. It is hard for me to wrap my brain around kids who grow into adulthood and had never experienced playing in the snow.