Great Ending To A Crappy Week

This past week has just been a suck fest for me. I have just been in one of those funks. Instead of sitting in front of the TV and not doing anything like I usually do in these times, I have been in my scrap room work on cards. I really need to be doing layouts, but I was able to crop last weekend with Dawn, Elisabeth and Michelle and I got 4 layouts done.

Anyhoo, because of my mood I have been picking at food all week, all day long and I wasn't writing any of it down in my food journal. I was sort of keeping track of point in my head, but I know I wasn't keeping good track. I figured I would weigh in this morning at weight watchers and be up a few pounds. So worrying about that the last couple of days hasn't made the week any easier.

Strangely I was in a good mood this morning. It's cold, wet and gloomy and I actually like these kind of days. Cameron was in a good mood this morning as well which is always helpful at 7:00 in the morning on a school day. I dropped her off and went to Kinko's to fax something to ebay (I will get to that story in a minute). The man helping me was probably one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with in an employee/customer situation in Montgomery. He copied my licenses for me and then copied that onto the form I had to fax. He showed me how to use their fax machine and THEN he only charged me for the fax which was $1.00. I thought it was going to be more and I just took my debit card in with me. When he told me the price I reached in my pocket for change and only had .70. He said he would take that and that there wasn't any reason to wait on the debit machine for $1.00. I couldn't believe my ears! Not only did he not charge me for the 2 copies he made, but he didn't even charge me for the full fax amount. I knew the rest of my day was going to be great after that.

Next stop was weight watchers to weigh in. Remember, I was expecting a gain. Nope! I loss 1.5 pounds. That is a total of 13 pounds ( I think I shorted myself a half a pound on last weeks report having lost 11.5 total). I am going to get right back on program for this week and make sure I write everything down. I hope to lose 2 pound by next weeks weigh in so I can earn another gold star.

The day continued to get better meeting Dawn and Elisabeth for a yummy birthday lunch for Elisabeth at although I made a mess of myself with the chicken tacos. I had to change my shirt because I smelled like tacos. LOL!

I plan to do a little more stamping this afternoon and then try to make yet another of many attempts to get my scrap room cleaned up. Ugh! I can hardly walk in here the floor is covered with so much junk, not to mention my tables are just as full. It's only the middle of the day so hopefully it continues to go well.


Dawn said...

Glad you are having a good day :-)

Atleast noone else was wearing your food - especially the ice was entertaining to watch you and Elisabeth with the ice cream :-)

Anonymous said...

Good days are great! Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work!

Melissia said...

LOL I forgot to mention the ice cream. That's a serious freezer they got in there!

Thanks Elisabeth. :o)

JennV said...

It's good to see that there are still nice people out there on the opposite side of the counter!
Good for you and Lucky #13! Keep strong chickypoo! You can Do it!