Busy Busy Week

I have spent the last several days getting items ready for one of the many children's consignment sales that are in town over the next couple of weeks. I have been saying for 3 years that I was going to do one of these sales and I never get my act together to do it. This year in an effort to declutter the house I decided to force myself to do this sale. It isn't hard to get ready for, but time consuming. I had 98 items and each had to have a printed up tag that had to be attached to each item in a specific way. All items had to have a piece of masking tape on it with your seller number. Toys with small/loose parts had to be bagged and tagged as well as affixed to the main toy and all batteries working. I also opted to do an itemized list in order to guarantee I receive money for all items sold or the item returned. Like I said, time consuming. But that is all out of the way now. I took the stuff in first thing this morning. Hopefully everything will sell because I will still be in Michigan on the day you have to pick up unsold items and your check. So the check is being mailed to me and anything that doesn't sell will be donated. I don't want to bring any of that stuff back into the house so I am fine with it being donated, but money to buy Cameron new clothes for summer would be nice too so hopefully it sells.

I finished up all the Valentines this afternoon for Cameron's school so that is another thing out of the way. I am going to do some reorganizing in my scrap room today. I would like to change around my set up for my stamping stuff now that I am getting more of it. I bought a nifty little 3 basket cart on wheels yesterday at Target and I picked up some different size baskets at the dollar store today so I will be making use of all that.

Tomorrow I will visit Cameron's class in the morning for Vday treats the kids are making for the parents. Then I hope to be able to spend much of the afternoon working on more swap cards.

Thursday I have a meeting with Cameron's teacher in the afternoon to go over the evaluation the teachers have done of the kids. I will probably use most of the day to get things packed up and ready for our trip on Saturday since Friday will be a full day and we will be leaving out early on Saturday.

Friday I have a Dr.'s appointment followed by weigh in at weight watchers and then Micheal's has their monthly crop. I see that the cake lady has scheduled a class at 6:00 again this month. The crop starts at 4:00. If by some miracle someone actually shows up for the crop before 6:00 then the cake people are going to have to do their class up front. Last month the event coordinator called me and said that if someone showed up for the crop then we could just move up front at 6:00. What kind of sense does it make to have scrappers pack up all their stuff, carry to the front, and unpack it again? Doesn't it seem more logical to have the cake class up front since they will be starting after the crop starts? Well that is where they will be if I have croppers that night.

So a pretty full week which is good because it means it will go by that much faster so we can begin our vacation!


Dawn said...

Wow, you got a busy week! If by chance I do not talk to you before you leave (since I will be out of town at the end of the week) ...I wish you a wonderful trip!

See you when you get back :-)