Bathings Suits Already?

I know it's the south and all, but really - do the bathing suits need to be out right now? I have been hunting all over the place for sweat suits for Cameron. I know we are getting into spring and that type of weather comes sooner than later here, but could they at least keep a small stock of winter clothes available until winter is actually over? Cameron and I are leaving for Michigan on Saturday where the highs this week are in the teens and the lows are in the single digits. Far from bathing suit and capri and short sleeve weather. My mom has the snow suit and all the other snow apparel for her to wear, but I don't think the clothes (at least her pants) that she has right now are going to be warm enough. I just wanted to get a couple of cheap sweat suits for her and I can't find any in her size. I usually buy 3 or 4 sets for the winter for her to play in outside and lounge around in but the winter has been so mild here that she hasn't really needed anything that heavy. I will have to call my mom tonight and see if their stores still have them in stock.

On a brighter note, I can not wait to get up there in the freezing weather and snow!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You can have the freezing weather and snow! Just be sure to leave it up there when you come back! LOL

Dawn said...

Yes, please leave the freezing weather & snow up there :-)

You are not even gone yet and I am ready for you to get back :-)

Looking forward to my party!

Melissia said...

Hee-hee. I promise to leave it up there. You don't want me to bring back even just a tiny bit of snow? LOL

Dawn thanks again for moving your party for me. I have all the projects ready and plan to have my bag packed before I leave so it's ready for when I get back.