A Merry Thank You

I just wanted to say thanks again to my wonderful friends for the Christmas gifts. Dawn got us these awesome toe socks. I love fun socks like that! Michelle bought these beautiful glass candle holders. Mine are red and the glass is just gorgeous. Elisabeth gave us "foo foo" as I call it. Lotion, shower gel and body spritz and it came in this adorable little basket. We also exchanged ornaments which I just love to receive. Dinner at Carrabba's was wonderful! Thanks Dawn for recommending the spaghetti. That was my first time there and I would love to go back soon!

I was thinking about how much of a difference the whole experience was compared to last years Christmas dinner. I think it was the conversation I enjoyed the most mixed in with better company. No one could really talk last year because the conversation was carried by and centered around one person. It was just really nice for all of to be able to talk.

Thanks ladies for being the special friends that you are and I hope you have a great Christmas! We have to wait one more extra day here and the excitement is killing me. LOL


Dawn said...

You are so very welcome & THANK YOU for the great handcrafted stash box and the ornament.

I am very thankful for all of you!

Enjoy being with your parents this week!!

Oh and the spaghetti was great leftover on Saturday too!

Dawn said...

Before I forget, we just came back from my Sisters and we had a wonderful time. I guess we all had taken Meds before hand - LOL

That was the most uneventful and nicest Christmas get together we have had in many many years!

Anonymous said...

Back at ya lady! It was an awesome time. A great night of "bonding" even stronger! =)