Making A List, Checking It..... About 50 Times

I have loads of stuff I need to do within the next couple of weeks and I really need to be doing it at my scrapbook table. The problem is I can not even see either one of my tables. I have just been piling and piling stuff on top of them the last few weeks. So before I can get started I have to clean up my scraproom and that's what is going to keep me from getting anything done. I have no motivation to clean. I thought today I would have had the tables clean and a good dent in the to do list. I have done nothing in there. I think it is the warm and sunny weather today. The 70 degrees is killing my Christmas spirit. I know we aren't going to see snow, but a cold and gloomy day would do just as well. Can someone relay that message to Mother Nature? Seriously, the weather is draining my motivation.

Things I need to do before Friday:
  • Cut Cameron's school pictures for Christmas cards
  • Sign, address and mail Christmas cards
  • Wrap and mail gifts

Things I need to make before Thursday:
  • 12 days of Christmas candy count down
  • 2 gift card tag books

Things I need make before Monday:

  • 2 Santa cans
  • 15 Giant candy bar wrappers
  • 6 ornaments
  • 12 Christmas tag books
  • 12 Gingerbread man kits
  • 3 boxes painted and decorated

Things to make before Christmas:

  • Stamp card fronts for a swap
  • Put together projects for shoebox swap

Other things I need to make as soon as I can:

  • Projects for January workshop


Dawn said...

You just made my head spin!

Girl, get your butt in gear NOW! LOL

It will take no time to clean your scrap room, I know you can do it. The last two weeks I have been having to clean mine every 24 hours just so I could start on the next project.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I see the creative spirit filling this post! are just awesome! Like Dawn said....get into gear woman!