Do Not Buy List

Up until now I have never really had a DO NOT BUY list for Cameron. You know, a list of things I would prefer people not buy for her. I have never been one to place a gender on toys. Boys playing with dolls and girls playing with trucks have never been an issue to me so there really hasn't been anything (age appropriate) off limits except for guns, knives, swords, things that are aggressive. Cameron is not an aggressive child I just see no purpose in these type of toys for her.

After spending a lot of time in the toy aisles this Christmas, I now have the start of what will probably become a long list in the years to come of toys not buy for her. Currently the list looks like this:

1. Nothing with the word Bratz on the packaging
2. Nothing with the word Bling on the packaging

That pretty much eliminates both sides of an entire aisle at Toys R Us. The Bratz stuff is not only fugly, it's inappropriate for young girls in my opinion. Seriously, what is the appeal here?And inappropriate doesn't even begin to describe all this bling crap they have out. Here is bling bling Barbie (that's the actual name on the box).
More like crack whore Barbie. WTF? Do parents actually buy this crap for their girls? Not in my house. No thank you.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree also. Jim and I have have agreed that these toys (or whatever you want to call them) will not be in our house. To me they are very distasteful, trashy and convey the message that girls should dress like whores.

Dawn said...

OMG - what happened to Barbie? Or is that Britney....hehehe

I totally agree about the toys being inappropriate for children. What is Matel thinking?