12 Days Of Christmas

This is the candy count down project I mentioned early in my to do list post. I made it for Cameron to help her get a better sense of when Santa will be here (and grandma and popa). Last year I wrapped Christmas books and put them under the tree. Cameron opened one each night and we read it. We counted down 25 days and it got a bit lengthy. So this year we are doing 12 days. The little pockets have gold chocolate coins in them. She gets a coin each night after dinner. I put ornament stickers behind the plastic holders for decoration and behind the 12th coin is a sticker of Santa to show that Santa will come that night. Our countdown will be a day off. Santa will be coming to our house the night of the 25th, so Christmas morning for us will be December 26th. My parents are flying in late Christmas night, so we waiting until the next morning so they can experience the Santa excitement with us.


Anonymous said...

How cute and creative!!

Dawn said...

How adorable! That is a great idea.