This morning Cameron's school went to see Mistletoe, which is a Christmas ballet being performed at the Davis Theater. I jumped at the opportunity to chaperon this field trip. I had never been to a ballet so this was just as exciting for me. It was wonderful and Cameron really enjoyed it. She has already been imitating some of the things she saw the girls do. It's nice to have her in dance class at this time so that she has a good understanding of what she was seeing, and that she knows she can do that too if she wants by going to her dance class and practicing. If you are in the Montgomery area, I recommened seeing it.


Anonymous said...

Why did I have it stuck in my head that you said Nutcracker? Duh!

Melissia said...

?? I think Cameron said she liked the Nutcracker which is what she called it when the dancers came out in solider costumes. That probably just stuck with you. :o)