Blast From The Past

Who remembers playing with pop beads? I had these as a child and had forgotten all about them until a few years ago when my mom had bought some to keep at her house for the grandkids. Cameron was too little to play with them at the time, but I had started looking here in the stores for them about a year ago. I could never find anywhere that sold them. My mom had them in her camper and Cameron and my niece played with them everyday so I wanted to get some for the house, but we still couldn't find them anywhere.

So on Wednesday I started looking online for them. I figured ebay would have them and I found them at some other online kids stores. I was browsing all the sites to find the best deal and was going to wait a few days to bid on some from ebay. Well wouldn't you know, I was at Wal-Mart the next day and decided to go down the bead aisle to see if by chance they had them just like I had done so many times in the past year. There they were, about 8 boxes of them. I could not believe it. I couldn't wait to pick Cameron up for school and give them to her.


Dawn said...

Those are pretty but why do I not remember them? Oh yeah, four older brothers and no girly stuff around the house.