Scrap Room Additions

I added a few things to my scrap room. The shelf over my scrap table now holds jars of prima flowers, MM paint bottles and a jar of thread. I hope to add a few more jars of something colorful. I hung up the wooden letters I painted as well so the wall doesn't look so plain.

I finally broke down and bought a sewing machine. I have been considering this purchase since last August and finally just did it. I have had it set up for a couple weeks but haven't done anything with it except playing around with some paper. I am going to try and use it with some cards this week. I hung up the STAMP letters over my stamp shelves and I have some more letters I will be hanging up this week too. The 12x12 paper holders I made myself from priority mail boxes (shh, don't tell the USPS I misused their free boxes). I just cut them like the magazine holders you can buy and just added some cardstock to them. And I bought Cameron a princess table so she can color and play if I am working in my room.

And I am going to be decorating my walls with Canvas layouts. We'll see how that goes.


Elisabeth said... creative with everything you touch!! Can your room get anymore awesomer? LOL

Dawn said...

That is a great idea with the mail boxes! I am sure Cameron likes her new area too! Can I come play in your room too? LOL